Thursday, October 7, 2010

Samsung Galaxy S

Just thought I would share my rage about this phone.

Was promised 2.2 in September so I got it for my mother (I have the nexus one). Turns out they lied, and now its end of October. This would be fine however the stock rom is not any good. My mum has laggy phone + the GPS is still laggy. So what the hell Samsung, you release a broken product which has the best HARDWARE of any phone and then you just chuck in some crap outdated inefficient rom on it? FFS! Get your act together. Luckly I have the Nexus one but this is making the experience for my mother (who is new to technology) start to think about the stupid Iphone. Sigh..

Well anyway, heres to hoping 2.2 comes out :D  Sleep time for me