Sunday, September 5, 2010

Dual Core Android Tablet? Folio 100

This tablet, which was previously leaked has just been confirmed by toshiba (at the IFA).

This tablet will be running 2.2, which will be customized for ease of use. More importantly, it will be able to handle 1080p video through the HDMI output (on a 10.1 inch screen). It will also have Bluetooth, 3g and wifi built in as standard. Whilst the internal storage will be smaller, it will have SDHC.

However, the main attraction of this tablet is the dual-core processor chipset. It will be using the tegra 250 from NVIDIA. Once this tablet is released, it is leaps and bounds ahead of the Ipad and will hopefully be the tablet of choice due to its versatility.

However personally, I am waiting out for android 3.0 before I consider a tablet, as that will be the game changer in the android tablet game!

Below is an image of the device. Note the custom interface.

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  1. wow already better versions of the ipad out now

  2. Not avaliable for purchase, but will be coming in the near future :D

  3. very interesting! need moar posts from you...